Friday, October 14, 2011

I guess it's time to shave

So, my 6 year old let me know that it is time for me to shave. (One of my secrets is that I hate shaving, I could fit right in in Europe.)

There was a bad thunderstorm last night and Sam (my 6 year old) snuggled with me while I read a book to her. I had some capris on and her leg rubbed against mine and she said, "Uh, Mom, your legs feel like dad's face. That's weird." (She doesn't hold back, she is the one who kept telling me how big I was when I was pregnant (click here for those thoughts).

The sad thing is that I can probably grow more hair on my leg than Mike can grow on his face.

I am sure it was worse than his face. Oh well, when Saturday night comes I will shave, I guess I should give a warning next time to wear long pants

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